PT. Tetra Jaya Plusindo

We also cooperate with farmers, producers, industry, retailers, governments and other organizations to meet the goal of protecting natural resources in a safe, responsible and sustainable way. Together, we create efficiencies, innovation development, and help society thrive.


Become a global economic busniess to help bridge business actors create products with the good quality and acceptable to consumers. Become a big company that can provide jobs and create professional human resources.


• Expanding business network
• Establish mutually beneficial and sustainable cooperation
• Work with honesty and trust in bridging business networks
• Quality control for all products produced by business actors
• Ensuring safe, growing and on track investments


Our Team

With the intensive and extensive experience of our executive committee, Tetra Jaya Plusindo has developed strong and professional governance to support corporate agility and performance.

Business Area

We want to do good things for all our stakeholders and we also want to improve people’s lives through our various products that are spread across several regions in Indonesia at this time and will continue to expand to other areas.

  • Semarang, Central Java
    Semarang city is known as a trade center and service city. In this city we dig the market potential is so wide
  • Purwokerto, Central Java
    It is one of the cities that is developing quite rapidly, located in the western part Province of Central Java.
  • Bali
    As a well-known tourist area, growth in this area quite quickly this is followed by the large amount of basic consumption needs
  • Nusa Tenggara Timur
    Including areas with great natural potential amazing with products like coffee which quality has been recognized worldwide
  • Ternate
    Ternate is a potential market for commodities. with a lot of mining activities there the demand for commodities is quite high
  • Palembang
    Second most populous and largest city in Sumatra after Medan City. With such a large population, we exist to supply the needs of the people there
  • Makassar
    Makassar is one of the four major growth centers in Indonesia, along with Medan, Jakarta and Surabaya. a potential market that deserves to be developed
  • Balikpapan
    As a business and industrial center, this city has the largest economy in all of Kalimantan, with a total GRDP of IDR 79.65 trillion in 2016
  • Sukabumi
    Located in a strategic area, Sukabumi is an important city for us to supply basic needs there


  • Banten
    Banten has a sea area which is one of the strategic sea lanes, namely the Sunda Strait. we explore the potential of abundant marine products

Business Process

Why Hire Us?

We are aware of the importance of implementing ethical business behavior in the management of the Company which is expected to create and develop good Corporate Values so that all the values held by the Stakeholders can be utilized and improved optimally so as to produce a pattern of good relationships and profitable.

Our Business Partners

  • Trimitra Indo Pangan | Rice products
  • Solubsi Sukses Gemilang | Cooking oil
  • Mulia Agro Sejahtera | Fruits
  • INDOMARCO Yogyakarta
  • INDOMARCO Klaten
  • Angles Gani | Rice products
  • PT. Safina Inti Prima | Cooking oil
  • Sufaat | Fruits
  • PT. Green Pangan Indonesia | Chicken meat
  • Kedai Sayur | Chicken meat
  • Astro | Chicken meat
  • DTop | Chicken meat
  • PT. Tri Mitra Indopangan | Skinless chicken breast
  • Andina Marine Utama | Frozen ribbon fish
  • Asa Cahaya Gemilang | Frozen ribbon fish
  • Malaya Dipura Pratama | Live birds
  • Komitra | Financial partner

         And still growing…

Our Activity